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Author, Speaker

Yoga & Meditation Instructor

Certified Psychotherapist

I have practiced Yoga and meditation for nearly 40 years.

I am a certified Yoga instructor of the School of the Yoga of Energy in  Bordeaux (French National Federation of Yoga) and the Academy of the Yoga of Energy of Paris, France.

I am certified in psychotherapy practices (Jungian Analysis option). I am also trained in other techniques such as Fascia Therapy and Dance Therapy and Positive Psychology. I’m interesting in quantum field.

I am the author of 10 books (ed. Eyrolles, Solar, Dangles) -  3 are best-sellers and 1 has been translated into German and Italian which are the references for other translation in Europe.

I am also an expert in the Mandala Practice for Therapy (MPT). I have created a special method to incorporate MPT with an energetic approach. I have written 3 books about the use of the mandala with numerous exercices.

While I am a public speaker in France and foreign countries in Europe.

I am also a short story author and have garnered a literature prize.

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